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Living in Northern California surrounded by orchards, vineyards and an abundance of produce inspires me. I love to cook and create beautiful, healthy meals. Food photography has always been a passion and, given the amazing bounty I have to work with, comes easily. I started out at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst as a studio art major, but eventually earned a degree in economics and journalism. After a long career on Wall Street I am thrilled to be doing something more creative.

Growing up on the East Coast my family loved food and cooking. Most of my food memories are from the 1970’s. We sat down at the table every night for dinner. We took scrambled egg and mustard green sandwiches on freshly baked Italian bread to school in our lunch boxes. We had a vegetable garden and ate arugula before it was ever sold at the market. The food I ate was made by taste and smell – not recipes. That’s how I cook now. I look at cookbooks, the farmer’s market or the produce department for inspiration and go from there. Unless I am baking I don’t measure ingredients. I hope this journal helps you to do the same.

Join me as I meander the markets, farmlands, and vineyards of Northern California and beyond finding simple and beautiful ingredients to inspire the home cook.

Renee Fields

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4 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. Wonderful! I really enjoy your blog! I cook like you do, never with a recipe or measuring, unless I am baking. It is how my mother cooked when we were growing up. I look forward to future contributions.

    • Hi Ann,

      Thank you for commenting! You are a great friend to Maria and, I know, share so many similar memories of growing up – I’ll keep posting.

  2. Love the blog! Living in Northern California is such a blessing, as we have such a great climate for growing and harvesting fresh ingredients that make cooking so much fun. Your initial thoughts and ideas are great – keep ‘em coming!

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